Long Weekend Guide to 2023

2023 is almost here. So wasting no time, we got on the job of listing all the long weekends – just for you! If you plan smartly, you can have many adventurous weekends.
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Give a peppy start to the new year right off the bat!

  • December 31st – Saturday
  • January 1st – Sunday
  • January 2nd – Monday (take the day off)

We know it is a little awkward applying for a leave on the first Monday of the new year, but if you do, you can give an amazingly refreshing start to 2023!

Too fiddly? Well fret not! This weekend might do the trick!

  • January 26th – Thursday (Republic Day)
  • January 27th – Friday (take the day off)
  • January 28th – Saturday
  • January 29th – Sunday

If you take an off on Friday, you get a super long weekend of 4 days!


The second month of the year offers you a second chance – but you will have to snatch a long weekend. ‘Snatching’ because long weekends in this month have to be ‘created’ by taking a day or two off in sync with the usual Saturday – Sunday offs.


March is a bit kinder than Feb. Holi happens to fall mid week (on a Wednesday). So, if you apply for leave on Monday – Tuesday, or Thursday – Friday, you can sneak in an almost full week vacay! Yay!

  • March 4th – Saturday
  • March 5th – Sunday
  • March 6th – Monday (take the day off)
  • March 7th – Tuesday (take the day off)
  • March 8th – Wednesday (Holi)


  • March 8th – Wednesday (Holi)
  • March 9th – Thursday (take the day off)
  • March 10th – Friday (take the day off)
  • March 11th – Saturday
  • March 12th – Sunday


April gives you an opportunity to plan a mega week-long trip!

  • April 4th – Tuesday (Mahavir Jayanthi)
  • April 5th – Wednesday (take the day off)
  • April 6th – Thursday (take the day off)
  • April 7th – Friday (Good Friday)
  • April 8th – Saturday
  • April 9th – Sunday

This is a plan that toes the middle ground. If you are feeling conservative, you can enjoy a long weekend with just April 7-8-9. Or, if you are game to go all out, taking an additional day off (April 3rd) will give you a sweet 9 days long memorable trip!


May has only one short and sweet long weekend. It is just right for a quick getaway to recharge the batteries.

  • May 5th – Friday (Buddha Purnima)
  • May 6th – Saturday
  • May 7th – Sunday

June – July

The interceding months of June and July offer an excellent opportunity to sneak in a quick vacay.

  • June 29th – Thursday (Bakrid)
  • June 30th – Friday (take the day off)
  • July 1st – Saturday
  • July 2nd – Sunday


Freedom from stress, freedom to enjoy nature! That’s what August promises with opportunities for two decent-sized vacays!

  • August 12th – Saturday
  • August 13th – Sunday
  • August 14th – Monday (take the day off)
  • August 15th – Tuesday (Independence Day)
  • August 26th – Saturday
  • August 27th – Sunday
  • August 28th – Monday (take the day off)
  • August 29th – Tuesday (Onam)

If your office has a holiday for Raksha Bandhan (August 30th), then rejoice because the weekend just gets longer!


Long weekends in September are

  • September 7th – Thursday (Krishna Janmashtami)
  • September 8th – Friday (take the day off)
  • September 9th – Saturday
  • September 10th – Sunday

The intervening months of September – October give an opportunity for a long weekend.

  • September 28th – Thursday (Id Milad)
  • September 29th – Friday (take the day off)
  • September 30th – Saturday
  • October 1st – Sunday
  • October 2nd – Monday (Gandhi Jayanthi)


October is the month of Dasara. There are holidays for Ayudha Pooja and Vijaya Dashami. Schools too are closed for Dasara holidays. You can plan your family getaway around this time.

  • October 21st – Saturday
  • October 22nd – Sunday
  • October 23rd – Monday (Maha Navami)
  • October 24th – Tuesday (Vijaya Dashami)


November has only one long weekend..

  • November 11th – Saturday
  • November 12th – Sunday (Deepawali)
  • November 13th – Monday (Deepawali)


Last month, last chance for a splendid vacay!

  • December 23rd – Saturday
  • December 24th – Sunday
  • December 25th – Monday (Christmas)

Choose the weekend that best suits you and head to the forests to enjoy a blissful time amidst nature. Make 2023 memorable!

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