5 Tips For A Great Jungle Safari In Karnataka

Wilderness is to be experienced. Words fall short in describing the purity and magic of untouched nature. A trip to the wild is a great way to unwind and reconnect with our roots. The lure of a jungle safari just cannot be resisted. But if you go unprepared, it can be a wild time of a different kind. So here are a few tips that will help you plan better.

It’s a jungle out there!

Indulging in a safari is a great way to connect with the magnificence of nature. Mysore is surrounded by lush green forests with a profusion of life – be it trees, animals, birds, or reptiles.

When it comes to a jungle safari, there are certain protocols and etiquettes that need to be followed so that your visit is easy both on the inhabitants and you. A forest is a tourist attraction for you, but it is home for the wild animals. Make sure that your intrusion is minimal and you leave as small a footprint as possible. Abide by the instructions and rules set by the wildlife sanctuaries.

Our tips will help you enjoy your escapade into the wild by making your trip safe and fun.

1. Chase the Adventure

A jungle has a lot to offer. Every season is a revelation. Though the dry season is a better time to spot the wild animals, there is magic to be witnessed in the monsoon when the entire jungle comes alive. Be it Bandipur, Nagarahole, BRT Tiger Reserve, Kabini or Wayanad, every forest has something unique to offer.

Avoid last minute rush. It is stressful, confusing and the chances of compromising the trip quality is very high. Plan your itinerary well in advance. Book ahead to find the best rooms and rates. Your itinerary must be such that you can cover places and activities in and around the sanctuary as well.

2. Connect with Nature. Disconnect with Gadgets!

Welcome to the jungle. Now say goodbye to the outside world!

The forests are remote places and when you are deep in the heart of the jungle, access to mobile networks is patchy at best. So be prepared for loss of connectivity. Forget about wordly worries. Nothing heals and rejuvenates better than nature.

3. The all-important Dos and Don’ts

These are very few, but VERY important


  • Wear clothes that are comfortable and blend into the surroundings.

  • Maintain silence. Loud noises can disturb and upset the animals.

  • Follow the instructions given by the park and your guide. They know the forest well.

  • Keep your phone on silent. Even camera sounds are disturbing.


  • Avoid wearing bright clothes

  • Do not overdo perfume or deodorants

  • Do not play loud music

  • Do not smoke

  • Do not offer food to the animals

  • Do not litter

  • Do not enter restricted / prohibited areas

4. Do Your Research!

Read about the animals and birds that inhabit the forest. Listen to jungle lore. Learn about the patterns and the likely haunts of the animals. A good guide / naturalist can transform your safari experience with their in-depth knowledge and experience.

5. Weather the Weather

The weather in a forest can be quite unpredictable. Hot afternoons, chilly nights and rains that can soak the bones in your body! Even then, by being prepared and carrying adequate protection, you can avoid nasty surprises.

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