Water Sports (Varuna Lake)

Mysuru is the right destination for adventure junkies. Varuna Lake is the best place, perhaps the only place, to visit in Mysore for water sports. Trigger an adrenaline rush with Water Ski, Lake rafting, Water Trampoline, Banana Ride, Kayaking, Bumper Ride, Speed Boat, Canoeing, and more. If you’re looking for perfect impromptu adventures, opt for this activity exclusively in the Itinerary you’re looking for.

Thrillers You Can Experience at Varuna Lake

  • Jetski
  • Lake Rafting
  • Bumper Ride
  • Sofa Ride
  • Kayaking
  • Water Trampoline
  • Speed boat
  • Banana Ride
  • Pedal Boat

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