Anoop Ronald

Born in the Western Ghats and brought up in Mysore, Anoop Ronald has always been connected to the wild side. Being in Mysore gave him an elephantine advantage – the forests in and around Mysore have of the highest population of Asiatic Elephants. Constant visits to these jungles and also being a part of the summer camps and Youth Club of the world renowned Mysore Zoo, helped Anoop develop a keen interest in building a career that revolved around the Wild side.

Anoop has great experience in Photography and Photojournalism, Estimation programs, Line Transects, Camera Trapping Surveys etc. He has also been a freelance Safari Guide/Photography Guide for tours across the jungles and mountains of Karnataka.

He has worked as a Resident Naturalist in Jaagir Lodge, Dudhwa & Head Naturalist at the Oberoi Vanyavilas Wildlife Resort at Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve. He has immense knowledge of the rich Natural History in India and also specialises in Tiger Tracking, Birding and Studying the movement patterns of Elephants.

His infectious enthusiasm, energetic and adventurous spirit and his excellent Tracking Skills will make your safaris absolutely memorable. Anoop also aims to guide his guests in conservation activities and make Safaris and Excursions at Safari Quest a learning and life-changing experience, rather than just a fun outing trip.