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Safari Quest

Safari Quest, a 25,000 square foot building overlooking the Chamundi Hill. The brief included the design of guest rooms and suites, a meeting area, an outdoor recreational space and two restaurants.

The prominent position of the royal Wodeyar family in this temple town directed us to create an environment that embodies the classical regal elements of architecture along with the serene setting of the site. These ideas have been both reformed and distilled into an eclectic design where the interiors draw on craft, tradition and symbolism, to weave a story that is encountered throughout the project.

The entrance of the site is bathed with natural light and the landscape is designed to create a visual experience to the visitor. At the lower level, guests are greeted by an entrance lobby with striking wildlife art work and other natural visual elements. The lobby is flanked with guest rooms on either side. In addition to studios, the upper level has a dedicated space where guests can partake in discussions and exchange ideas regarding upcoming wildlife trips.

This hospitable and inspiring space targets wildlife enthusiasts, culture consumers, adolescents and tourists. The design focused on creating airy relaxed spaces featuring natural materials, color accents and textural definition. Custom-made furniture pieces further balance the classic features of the regal city with the modern urban lifestyle of its visitors.